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EB Meeting® was created as a platform to organize and host branch specific partnering events which can be used by companies or institutions to get in contact with potential partners in other countries in order to identify chances for cooperation and commerce. This function is complemented by branch related or country specific information.

The access to the information within the Lobby and the Secretariat is free of charge. Access to the Meeting Room will be given only to registered participants during the days of the respective event after payment of the participation fee is confirmed by one of the administrators of EB Meeting®.

Through the act of registering as participant, the same confirms to have a sufficient command of English to understand the operation mode, the displayed information and conditions of participation.

The participation fee is fixed by the administrators or national organizers and may vary in dependence of participating countries, national taxes and specific operation or promotion costs.

EB Meeting® is not intended for the participation of individuals. The administrators of this website reserve the right not to admit the participation of individuals or companies with commercial activities which are deemed to be illegal or unworthy to be supported from the point of view of the administrators.

Communication between the administrators, national organizers and users will be generally held per e-mail unless other forms of communication are deemed to be suitable by the administrators or national organizer.

In general, the Lobby and Secretariat shall be accessible during 24 hours a day. The Meeting Room shall be accessible and fully operable 24 hours a day during the defined dates of the events. In case, technical problems which can be attributed to the administrators should hamper the convenient participation of the registered companies, the administrators will solve these technical problems within an adequate period of time and an additional time gap will be made available for the users to access the Meeting Room. The administrators will be exempted from any further responsibility in such cases of technical deficiencies.

The administrators and national organizers of EB Meeting® do not take any responsibility for the information supplied by the participants, their declared characteristics, products or offered services, for links to other web pages or any consequences these information may have. It is understood, that the administrators of EB Meeting® do only make available a proprietary internet platform and methodology to extend the delivered information to third parties who might be interested in this information for commercial or cooperation purposes.

The administrators and national organizers prepare the EB Meetings® to their best knowledge and belief and intend to invite a maximum of suitable companies. However, the administrators and organizers can not assure to the participants a minimum number of suitable contacts in each EB Meeting®.

Participating companies or individuals bear full responsibility of the information published in EB Meeting®. The administrators advise not to publish any information which may be confidential or may infringe the right of third parties.

Information edited by the administrators or national organizers of EB Meeting® will be compiled, prepared or translated to the best of their knowledge. However, the administrators of EB Meeting® cannot be made liable for any consequences that may derive from this information. Users are not exempted from the obligation to verify the given information in direct contact with the respective companies or during personal visits to the respective countries.

Data Protection Provisions:

The information made available by the participants will only be fully accessible to the other participants of the event and the operators. The administrators and national organizers of EB Meeting® will not make public the addresses or the full information provided by the users to third companies, individuals or media.

General Legal Provisions:

EB Meeting® is a registered trademark. The copyright regulations apply to this website and all components, texts, structures and graphical elements thereof. The infringement of the trademark and the copyright will be legally pursued.

In case one or several of these regulations turn out to be invalid or should become invalid, the validity of the other regulations shall not be affected. The invalid regulations shall be substituted by the administrators by a valid regulation close to the originally intended meaning and shall be effective from the outset. The same applies in case of potential conflictive issues between administrators, organizers and users which are not regulated so far in these conditions of participation.

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